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If you want to discover more about Prague, try our tours focused on various interesting topics (e.g. architecture, beer, ghosts). Very popular is to combine the Classic tour of Prague with some of the specials. Special tours usually take 2-4 hours (let us know your preference).

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Ghosts, legends, free masons and the mysteries of Prague

Prague is famous for it's fairy tale flavor (Golem monster, spirits, sprites, morbid executions, ghosts, etc.). Mystery tours we usually arrange in the evenings, when the ghosts are more likely to appear.
Learn more about the essential background of our history including topics as:
The Infant Jesus of Prague - miraculous statue of Spanish origin. Mysterious gothic cathedrals. Esoteric Prague, Freemasonry, Rose and cross. Alchemists and astronomers in Prague. Ghosts and monsters.

Art tours

Choose a special focus for your tour: Enigmatic writer Franz Kafka, W.A. Mozart and Beethoven in Prague, Czech classical music (B. Smetana and A. Dvořák), Prague Galleries, Prague Museums, Prague and Art Nouveau style ...
Kafka museum, Mucha Museum, Modern Art Museum

The Lobkowicz Palace tour

The Lobkowicz Palace is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Prague Castle. It is one of the most beautiful and significant cultural sites in Czechia and Europe. The palace was built between 1560s and 1790s and it has nice Renaissance and Baroque features. The Lobkovitz family have been lovers and patrons of fine art and classic music. They treasure one of the most significant private family art collection of Europe. After forty years of Communist rule the family became the owner of their Palace again. In 2007, following 12 years process of the restitution, more than 3 years of planning, careful restoration and refurbishment, it was open to the public for the first time as a private family museum.
The exhibition is entitled "The Princely Collections" and includes: the jewels of the old master paintings,e.g. two world-renowned views of London by Canaletto, The River Thames on Lord Mayor’s Day and Thames with Westminster Bridge, from 1740´s, and Haymaking by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1565). The largest collection of 16th century Spanish style portrait paintings outside of Spain. Several interesting musical manuscripts (Beethoven, Mozart) and old musical instruments. An armory, containing one of the finest and rarest collections of firearms in Central Europe. Vast and precious ceramics collection. You can visit the palace on your own, using the excellent audio guide provided by the museum for free. (Recorded by the noble family members personally!) We recomend you to enjoy a museum tour with one of your guides who has a license for guiding in Lobkowicz Palace and get 10% discount for the entry fee.
The entry fee cost: 275 CZK, RELATED WEBSITE: Lobkowicz Palace

Relaxation after the sightseeing - Massage

Vlasta Pekova – masseuse/therapist with 7 years experience performs massage at your place (hotel ...)! Graduated from REFIT massage school Praha, certificate and experience in Reflexology, Dorn´s method and glass cover therapy. Optimum combination of these methods lets you feel „newly born“

Prices: 45 min – Back and shoulder massage - 900Kč/34eur, 90 min – Partial body massage (back,legs,feet,arms) - 1600Kč/59 eur, 120min - Whole body massage (back,legs,feet,arms,chest) - 2100Kč/77 eur The price includes transportation to your place, massage with the aromatherapy oil of your choice. Book the Massage - via email:

Bird's eye tour

Enjoy the view from the observation towers and panoramic view points. Get to the top levels of the town and enjoy the vertigo feeling from the wonderfull views.

The best photos tour

Only an experienced guide knows the secret "best picture" points. Some of our guides are semi-profesional photographers who can share their local knowledge and experience with you.

Visit the marionette workshop

The local family workshop offers an excursion into the world of the traditional Czech marionettes. But also the unique possibility to create your own marionette under the leading of the Czech Puppet Artists. Great opportunity how to meet local people, learn the local crafts and enjoy some fun in Prague.
Visit cost 100 CZK per person (30 minutes).
Make your marionette (3hrs) cost: 4600 CZK for 2people, 7100 CZK for 4 people.

Czech cuisine

Check the Czech flavors, traditions and recipes. Visit the good local restaurant. Learn about the special flavours and meals as: ceam sauce with the cranberry dot, the drawned man, the hairy dumplings, nuts and honey cake. Taste the good local wine or a beer. If you require to vist the restaurant kitchen - please inform us ahead.

Traditional products & shopping
(glass and crystal, garnets, marionettes, liqueurs)

Learn about the traditional products, distinguish from the quality buys for a nice price. There are still the untouristy local shops with reasonable prices and good quality.

Revolutions in Prague

The establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918, the anti-Nazi up rise in 1945, the Communist coup in 1948, the Prague spring of 1968 and the Velvet revolution in 1989.

Communist terror and Russian invasion

Dramatic moments of Czech recent history left touch in the town, works of revolting artists the museum of Communism.

Get information about the Soviet military intervention - The Prague spring.

Nightlife of Prague - beer, absint and local pubs

Pub Tour, Absinth Tour, Party Tour :-), etc.
Are you interested in the Prague night life? Looking for the best pubs, clubs and friendly talk about local life, people and the culture?

Our friendly english speaking guides will be happy to show you the best from the Prague pubs, clubs, night bars, parties, imfamous quartes - as Zizkov, discotheques ...

These guides are cheerful and reliable young "Prague insiders". They like the Prague night life, local clubs, bars and restaurants.  

Prague Beer, Brewery and a Beer museum
Prague Tonight - the nightlife info
Czech beer guide

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