If you want to know Prague better the best
investment is a local quality private guide.

We keep the prices reasonable. We (you)
do not pay any expensive advertising!
We use system: good services - words of mouth.

The prices are fixed in CZK (Czech Koruna).
If you pay in EUR/US the amount depends
on current exchange rates.

You can pay after the tour directly to your
guide or ahead via Pay Pal. If you pay ahed please respect the cancelation rules.

More information, less money: Get 30 minutes FREE OF CHARGE! Save 15-30 USD

We want to personalise the tour for you! We offer you 30 min free of charge to sit down, relax over a coffee, draw into maps, answer your questions and talk about local life.
Offer valid for every Prague Tour lasting at least 4 hours in one day.

The great value of the Personal Prague Guide ®
• You will get free: Original map designed for independent sightseeing, Pocket Czech language card, Original picture architecture chart, Discount cards for museums and shops, List of the great restaurants, theatres, shops ...etc.
• We offer time free of charge, to relax over a coffee and answer your questions.
• No booking fees, no cancelation fees!
• Daily 8:00-22:00 reservation and help service on the mobile phone: +420 777 225 205 

Prague Classic and Special Tours

For the Prague walking tours we charge per hour, so the time is yours and you can walk leisurely, stop for pictures, refreshments and enjoy every detail. Or walk briskly to see as much as possible and do the overview tour. Prices do not include any entry fees.
As a transport we can use a very cheap public transport service (you can learn how to be independent in Prague) or use reliable AAA Taxi (150CZK = 6-8 US). We can also arrange any kind of car, minivan or bus.

Price per hour 1 - 3 people 4 - 8 people bigger groups
Walking Guide

600 CZK

800 CZK

1000 CZK


Price per hour Sedan car
1 - 3 people
3-6 people
Bus or Minibus
bigger groups
Car + Driver + Guide

1100 CZK

1300 CZK

Depends on

Car + Driving-guide

900 CZK

1000 CZK

Depends on

Car + Engl. speak. Driver

700 CZK

800 CZK

Depends on

Countryside Tours

Prices are fix for the whole countryside trip (to guarantee the price). We can arrange the comfortable A/C cars: personal car for 1-2 pax, mini-van for 3-10 pax, buses for 10-50 pax.
Prices include: The car+fuel and a driver services. The personal guide service. One "Extra option" according to your choice!
Prices do not include: Entry fees (2-8US) or the cost of your shopping :-).

Countryside tours duration 1 - 2 people 3 - 6 people
Karlstejn castle
Konopiste chateau
Krivoklat castle
Koneprusy caves
Cesky Stenberk castle
Nelahozeves castle
Glassworks Nizbor

5 - 6

4600 CZK

5200 CZK

Kutna Hora
Nelahozeves + Melnik

6 - 7

5600 CZK

6100 CZK

Karlstejn + Glassworks
Karlstejn + Krivoklat castles
Tour combinations for 7-8 hours

7 - 8

6000 CZK

6900 CZK

Karlovy Vary

8 - 10

7000 CZK

7900 CZK

Cesky Krumlov
Tour combinations for 8-10 hours

8 - 10

7600 CZK

8600 CZK


60 - 80

700 CZK

700 CZK


Countryside tours by train duration 1 - 3 people 4 - 10 people
Karlstejn, Krivoklat, Nelahozeves
Kutna Hora, Terezin, Melnik

6 - 7

3000 CZK

3500-4500 CZK

+ Client will pay the train tickets extra, about 150 - 200 CZK for each return ticket.

Arrival and Departure Transfers

The price is for one way transfer with the private driver who will expect you with a label and your name at the arrival hall.

1-3 people - personal car
Airport .......... 600 CZK
Train station .... 400 CZK

4-6 people - minivan car
Airport .......... 1000 CZK
Train station .... 600 CZK

How can you pay us?

You can pay after the tour directly to your guide or pay ahead via Pay Pal. We are sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.

Cancelation Rules - For non cash payments only

If you pay cash after the tour, there is no need to pay any booking or cancellation fees.

If you decide to pay ahead, via PaPal or sending the money to our account, please respect these rules:

If you decide not to pay ahead, via PaPal or sending the money to our account: We kindly ask you to pay all the agreed price at least 14 days before the arrival date of the clients.
We will provide the travel services only if all the payment will be really present at our account at least 3 days before your arrival. (Bigger groups groups even earlier, depending on the program.)

Following Cancellation Fees will be charged:
• no booking fees or cancelation fees for the cash payments
• if cancelled 60-14 days before order realization: 10% of the price will be charged
• if cancelled 14-5 days before order realization: 20% of the price will be charged
• if cancelled 4-1 days before order realization: 50% of the price will be charged
• if cancelled on the day of the order realization: 100% of the price will be charged

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