Prague (Praha in Czech) has been the capital of the Czech lands for over eleven hundred years. It used to be one of the political and cultural hearts of Europe for centuries, the central crossroad of the ancient trade routes, the centre of Holy Roman Empire in 14th century, a safe place during the constant Turkish attacks on Austria. Prague was not destroyed in WW2 and it was not changed by modern buildings due to communistic insolvency. That is why this city is full of beautiful historical buildings and interesting sights.

Prague consists of five historical towns and a ring of modern suburbs. The historical sights of interest are in the centre, very near to each other, so the best way to explore and really enjoy the charming atmosphere of Prague is by walking. Prague is quite a safe place, so you can promenade along the streets at any time of the day or night. On the other hand, in the old narrow streets it's easy to get lost and most of the maps and signs are in Czech! Eastern Europe still has many secrets that are not mentioned in guide books.


Hidden Gardens of Mala Strana

Discover Prague in a company of local friendly person who is communicative and knowledgeable. If you want to know Prague better than the mainstream tourists, the best investment is your personal guide. As you pay per hour, the time is yours and you can walk leisurely, stop for pictures, refreshments, or walk briskly to see as much as possible. The choice is yours!

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