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Sarka during the tour - video by our clients, Dismas Barbito -

Pictures from Prague - Bob Hall - 2004

Prague Pictures from Bhavisha Patel


We are honored to find our agency in such a great guidebooks as "The best of Eastern Europe" and "The best of Prague":

Sarka Kacabova, a wonderful young philosophy grad from a nearby town, runs "Personal Prague Guide" service. She expertly gets beyond the dates and famous buildings to provide insight into her culture, and is eager to build a walk around your interests.

Rick Steves

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Tours of Prague and Cesky Krumlov - Dave Wotaw - 2006

The Family Travel

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... By far, Sarka is one of the best guides we have ever used. And her prices are so reasonable that we were able to spend parts of two days with her. We saw so much of Prague and were so impressed by her enthusiasm for her lovely home that we made a friend in the process! You will not regret choosing Sarka as your guide."

Steven H., Elk Grove, CA - USA. Travels with Friends.

Dear Sarka,
I am writing from the Travel section of the Los Angeles Times . We run a feature in our paper where readers write in to recommend services they've used in their travels. One of your past customers has recommended your tour services. Congratulations! ...
Gratefully, Chris Erskine,
Deputy features editor, 20.4.2007

Dobry den Šárka,
We really appreciated all of your in-depth knowledge of both history and architecture, but most of all we appreciated your giving us in-site into the thoughts and dreams of your people. ...

Dobry den Šárka,
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time spent with Andrea Reznickova Andrea. Her sparkling and wonderful personality made Prague come alive for us. You were right, she has a great sense of humor. My husband and I really appreciated the pamphlet you made on the different architectural styles and the sheets of recommendations. Those extra personal touches made it that much more enjoyable.  I will certainly recommend your service and will not hesitate in requesting Andrea for any of my friends.

Charlene Berkin

Ahoj and Milan,
Thank you so very much for sending your father - Milan Pelant - to be our guide.  We could not have been happier with a personal guide.  I know that my husband was a little apprehensive about the whole idea of having a guide, but he quickly learned that we had a much more complete experience in Prague than we would have had without Milan’s expert guidance.  He had such an engaging personality, and he has such great knowledge of his city, and he made it all come alive for us.  Thank you!
We will certainly recommend your guide service to anyone visiting Prague. Best regards to you and your father, 

Elizabeth Harris

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my tour with Helena Sedlmajerová on Sunday. She was a very nice lady, very friendly and amazingly knowledgeable. We got to see so much more than I ever would have been able to see on my own and I really had a great time. Helena was very well prepared and very quickly understood the kinds of things that I wanted to see an do. It was exactly what I wanted! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get a good view of Prague.

I wanted to tell you that Markéta Vávrová was an excellent guide and we very much enjoyed our tour of Prague with her. After a day with her, we were much better able to see more of Prague on our own the next day. She did an excellent job of telling us stories of Prague and Czech history and also recommended wonderful and inexpensive places for coffee and meals. We are very glad we chose to have a personal guide for our first day in Prague.

Nancy Ronald

Dear Šárka,
I just want to say "thanks" for setting us up with Katarina Kruspánová last weekend. Katarina was very knowledgeable and insightful, and we all enjoyed the tour very much.

Dear Sarka,
My friend and I just returned from our trip to Prague and had a fantastic time!!!  We were lucky enough to have Jana Kratká (Reichlova) as our tour guide and she elevated our experience to such a high level...thank you for recommending her to us!  I know I am not telling you anything that you do not already know but I wanted to let you know why we loved Jana so much.  First of all, she is extremely professional and very knowledgeable...she really brought the city to life for us.  I loved learning about all the history, the architecture, the culture, the language, the customs, the legends...not to mention, the shopping, restaurants, transportation system, etc. 
Jana has such a pleasant demeanor and personality, is very polite with wonderful manners, she was wonderful at reading us and following our lead, and she is so much fun to be with!  She was an absolute joy to spend time with and we love her as a friend.  You and Jana were so responsive with all our questions over the email in the planning stages of the trip, and went above and beyond what we ever expected for service.  I have talked to SO MANY people since I have been home who have either visited Prague, or who want to visit Prague, that have said Prague it is the most wonderful place to visit, ever...and I agree!!!  I will definitely recommend you and Jana to anyone I know who may be planning a trip to Prague.  You guys are the best!!!!!!! 

Linda Niederman and Joanne Longobardi

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