Ever wished you had a friend in Europe who'd
take you under the wing to show you

With the Personal Prague Guide ®
you can get the most of your visit to Prague.
We always try to provide the better services.
We believe that "the great guide makes the difference."

You do not have to do the sightseeing in a big
organized groups and obey tight schedules.
Your wishes and interests will shape the tour!


Why Personal Prague Guide ®?

  • Professional and friendly individual care for a reasonable price.
  • Carefully chosen quality licensed guides!
  • Freedom of choice. Your interests will shape the tour!
  • The timing, stops, tempo and duration will depend on you.
  • Lear how to escape the tourist traps.
  • Get off of the beaten track.
  • There will be no group to rush you around, or slow you down.
  • Avoid the hell of multilingual tours :-)
  • You can talk with your guide (and other local people) and ask questions.
    Cross the boundary of the guide-books. Get involved!
  • You pay after the tour - so we must strive to keep the quality.
  • You will GET FREE many extras

  • PICTURE TIMELINE OF ARCHITECTURE and history (designed by Sarka)
  • DISCOUNT CARDS for various museums and shops (e.g. Mucha, Kafka, Moser)
  • ORIGINAL MAP of Prague - designed by Sarka especially for the independent sightseeing
  • FAVORITE PLACES 2008 - list of the best restaurants, theaters, shops ...
  • Basic Czech LANGUAGE CARD
  • GUIDE ACADEMY - continuous additional training of our guides
  • jana Personal Guide in action

    Booking Personal Prague Guide ®

    Please let us know ahead when are you coming (as early as possible). We do not require any booking fees - we belive you! There is a simple system: Who books first, he gets the date. When Sarka is not available, she can arrange another quality guide.

    The most efficient way of booking is using our booking form. You will get the best guide - because we get the necessary info in time. (Sometimes 1day makes difference.)

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    Slunečná 416
    Králův Dvůr 267 01
    Czech Republic

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